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My finance career and work on Pasadena Commissions give me a strong understanding of how to make the City work for you. Because I support transparent government and consulting the community first, not last, I have spent the last 10 years listening. Based on listening to the community my key goals for the City are:

  • Protect our trees, environmental resources, and the historic character of our neighborhoods

  • Support small businesses, local jobs, and internship opportunities for youth

  • Invest in more community programs by achieving fiscal stability during economic downturns:

    • Expand grant funding by hiring a full-time grant writer

    • Explore new revenue sources, such as a vacant building tax, to fund homelessness and affordable housing programs

  • Implement real affordable housing solutions. In order to preserve the character of our City and prevent displacement I plan to:

    • Encourage new development that is consistent with Pasadena's General Plan and provides community benefits 

    • Incentivize landlords to preserve existing housing that is "naturally affordable"

    • Support adaptive reuse of buildings to create mixed-income housing

    • Preserving what we have is less expensive than building new. Let’s keep working families and students in our City!  

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